Volunteer Experiences

I believe that in order to truly feel gratification, a person must give back to their community. Volunteering has been a part of my life for as long as I remember and these are just some of the events/ organizations I have volunteered for.

Student Leadership: In both middle school and high school I was on the executive leadership club to help promote school involvement, anti-bullying efforts, and fundraising for the school.

Youth Voice, Red Deer: This was a group to help destroy the stereotype of youth, specifically in Red Deer help promote social justice. I was on this board throughout my high school career.

Hillmond Zombie Mud Run: This is an event meant for raising funds the the community rink. I have been a organizing committee member since the event started and will continue to do so as long as the event exists.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Lloydminster: This is a group that sets children of mostly single parent homes with a “big” in an effort to enhance relationship building. Although I have not had the ability to be a Big Sister as of yet due to moving and my past career work hours, I have volunteered at many fundraising events for the club.

Big Brothers of Regina is just like Big Brothers Big Sisters in Lloydminster. Although their name is just Big Brothers, do also do matches for big and little sisters. After moving here, I finally had some time and the ability to become a “Big”. My little and I met in February and she has been gone now for a couple of months to visit family in Pakistan, but we were getting along great! I can’t wait until she gets back to see how her trip was.

Oil Wives Club of Lloydminster: This is a social group that brings together wives of husbands whose work pulls them away from home. I have been on the executive for the club for the past three years planning fundraising and social events for the club.

These are just a few of my volunteering efforts thus far, more information to come!