Practice Makes…

Well, they say practice makes perfect but from a girl who hasn’t touched a video game since the Super Mario Brothers on the N64, I have had quite the learning experience! I chose to do the Flappy Code Tutorial on Hour of Code.  I honestly cheated a little bit and set my Grade level to 2-6 so that I knew I could do it. Well, boy was I wrong!  I literally spent 35 minutes, yes 35 minutes trying to get my flappy code guy to move on the sixth level and then after my husband finally helped me to get past that, I got stuck for another 30 minutes while creating a game until I finally gave up!

This is a short Screencastify of my work while trying to get create the game at the end. This video is three minutes so I am positive you will understand my frustration after 30!!

Although I was not successful, I can see how coding could be beneficial in the classroom. This Edutopia blog does a fantastic job of explaining the benefits and the push-backs of code in the classroom. For this type of coding specifically, I think that it would be difficult for some students to get involved so, in my classroom, I could see myself giving it as an option instead of as a mandatory lesson.  This would create an opportunity for those students who would like to enhance creative ability in the classroom while others could show that skill in a different way.

I have not practiced it, but we talked about coding with makey makey  in class and I think that would be cool. I know you have to purchase the kit but this video speaks for itself about why every school should purchase the kit! How much innovation and creation would this inspire in a classroom? Playing a game or making music with a BANANA?! How cool is that?

My final thoughts- Coding is not for me (remember my traditional learner, pencil and paper in the first-row kid) but I do see how it would be very beneficial for some students!

PS. I’m sorry for this late blog post, I was too busy catching huge fish!


2 thoughts on “Practice Makes…

  1. Bailie, I literally laughed out loud reading this blog post. I feel the same way. It was so frustrating when the website said this coding program was for elementary students and I was struggling to perform simple tasks with it! I am hoping my future students will be able to ‘school’ me in coding! Haha


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