Connecting with Technology- the Finale!

Over the period of the last two months, I have had the opportunity of interacting with a ton of new faces online. Before starting my ECMP 355 class, it was something to talk about if I had posted on Facebook more than once every couple of weeks.  Posting was hard enough, I hardly ever carried out conversations. After signing up for this course, I was overwhelmed with the amount of online forums we would be participating in. Between blogging, commenting on questions in our Google Plus community,   keeping up with the weekly plans doc, and posting/ participating on Twitter, I was terrified.

Although I was not online as much as some of my fellow classmates, I learned a ton of information over the last two months.  Our Google Plus community was a place to ask any questions you may need and also answer any questions that you had time to answer. Within a day, there was always an answer from someone that could lead you in the right direction.  Although I did not often post in this forum,  I tried to post as often as I could with whatever information I could.


Blogging was a large part of our lives over the last two months. We were asked to complete two prompted blog posts as well as a learning project post every week. This was not new to me as I had done some blogging in ECS 100 and 110 but I hated it then. I think I did not like it because I just couldn’t get into the habit of putting all of my thoughts out there for the world to see. However, over the last two months, I have really started to enjoy blogging. I think the more often you do it, the more comfortable you feel and the more comfortable you feel, the more you share. This screencastify shows a glimpse into what I have been blogging. Feel free to scroll up or down if you would like to see more.

These blogs are just a couple of the interactions that took place over the semester but they each seemed to hold good conversations. There were so many interesting blog posts to read, it was hard to keep up but definitely worth the time.

Amy was learning all about ASL in her blog post Over the Moon with ASL. 

Amy was tackling her learning project in Learning Project- Progress Report #1 

Payton was discussing how Facebook is not just a Useless Time Suck.

One of the last things we were asked to do over the past couple of months was to post and interact on Twitter.

This was probably the scariest part for me as I did not even have a Twitter account. I quickly fell in love as I realized just how many resources were at my fingertips. I learned so much about not only education but also about farming.  I participated in a couple of education chats and shared resources that I had found often. I was amazed at how easy it was to connect on Twitter not just in the education world but also with other communities of people. I often posted or read Tweets with the hashtags #Farm365 or #AgMoreThanEver and it was so cool to build that community.

As you can see, I have been busy over the last couple of months learning a whole new realm of technology.  It was a bit of a learning curve but I am confident to say, I think I have a pretty good grasp of these tools and can absolutely see how they would be useful in the classroom.



One thought on “Connecting with Technology- the Finale!

  1. This course has been very heavy with the expectation that our online presence would increase dramatically by the end of the term. I enjoyed watching your progress with your table projects. They certainly win the prize for the biggest project. Are you a little less scared now about putting yourself out there online?


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