ECS 110- Summary of Learning

Hello all,

This is my final post for the semester so I hope you enjoy it!  My assignment was to make a video of some sort to summarize what I learned throughout the semester. I found it very difficult to keep it short but I’m sure you will love it!  I said in the video that I felt “blah” about the course but I actually meant to say I felt “blah” at the beginning of the course so keep that in mind as you listen!! I could not get the link to work so here is the URL for my video:

I have loved talking with this great group of people in this course and I hope to cross paths with some of you in the future.

Yours in learning,

Bailie Shindle


One thought on “ECS 110- Summary of Learning

  1. Hi Bailie — I really enjoyed your super creative video, how you were able to use the analogy of what ingredients are needed to make a good cookie, just like we need every person, and their uniqueness, to create a better world. Yours in learning, Leanne


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