How Being White Makes Life Easy

White people don’t often stop to think about their skin color and how it can impact their daily living. We get up in our warm bed, in our house, go to our good, stable job, come home to make supper, bath our healthy babies, and go to bed.

What does that same day look like for say, a person of color? They get up in their warm bed in a place they have made home. Often people of color have immigrated, or they are stereotyped as being irresponsible, so it is difficult for them to get a mortgage. Maybe they rent an apartment with a shitty landlord, maybe they own a house that they had to jump through every loop to get. I know this because I was a finance manager in a dealership for the last several years- a job that came relatively easy to me seeing as I’m white. They then go to work at a job that they constantly have to prove themselves at. They can’t just show up and do their work at their desk because they know everyone is waiting for them to make a mistake. If people aren’t watching them, they are most likely talking about them at some point of the day (most likely not always in a good way). Then they come home to make supper after they have brought groceries at the store where they received many looks and possibly had a secret shopper follow them throughout the store, just in the case that something might happen. They then bathed their babies, that may or may not have proper health care in a country where health care is supposed to be free, and they also may or may not have good drinking water which would obviously play a role in the health of their children.

So now that I have explained a little of what my life might look like in comparison to theirs, I guess being white helps me in every aspect of every day. I don’t receive any judgment for my skin color and therefore can get away with so many more things than a person of color can without being judged. I never really stopped to look at it but I guess we have it pretty easy!


It Makes You Canadian

My hands started to shake as I put down the rifle. I looked at my husband and could not believe what I had just done. My smile started to form from ear to ear as my husband wrapped his arms around me. He held me tight and as he lifted me up off the ground I could hardly breathe. This is when you wish you had a camera to capture the moment. A moment you knew you would look back on years from now and still have a smile on your face. I had just done it!

Hunting season had just opened and I had just killed my first moose. I was still trembling with excitement. I climbed into the driver seat of the truck and started to drive through the snow in the field. The day was beautiful. The sun was reflecting off the snow and it was warm enough for just a sweater. We hadn’t been there long. We had pretty much just stepped out of the truck to set up camp for the day and we already had to load my prize possession! I could hardly keep the wheel straight as I trembled with excitement. I could literally feel the excitement running through every inch of my body. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up as I jumped out of the truck. At that moment I knew I had done it! I could feed my family for the winter and I had just proved to my husband that girls that shoot.