Writing to Self 1: Home Is Where My Husband Is

wedding1Today I promise you this. I promise to never forget that you are my best friend. The one I wasn’t to laugh with, cry with, grow old with, and make babies with. I promise to love you when we are together and cherish you when we are apart. I promise to support your dreams and respect our differences. I promise to learn from you and listen to you, even though it may be hard. I promise to take you are you are and who you are yet to became. Together I know, we will build a love much greater than either of us could have ever imagined on our own. The words come out effortlessly as I daze at my soon to be husband.
Five more minutes and he will be my husband. Our journey in life together flashes across my mind as I faintly listened to the commissioner. I can’t help but think of everything we have accomplished together. That big beautiful house we built together, the many trips to the lake, the tropical vacations, the numerous road trips, and the abundance of trips to the store to get ice cream. I also can’t help but think of the huge move we are about to make. The smell of the cows in the field, the rain when we need it the most, or that rushed feeling to try and get everything off the field before snow flies. I’m thinking about the sprayer ride where we wrote our wedding vows and enormous amounts of sprayer rides we’re about to embark on as I am lesson planning in the co-pilot seat.
As the marriage commissioner announces “You may now kiss the Bride”, tears of joy sweep over me as he dips me and seals our marriage with a kiss. I know our vows are true. In this moment I know we will have good times and bad times. I know that we will have to work on supporting each other’s dreams and respecting our differences. I also know that we will build something much greater together than we could alone and I know that no matter what journey we embark on together, I will be at home.


One thought on “Writing to Self 1: Home Is Where My Husband Is

  1. This is well written. I felt like I was you in the moment and I felt the emotion you felt. I was just wondering about the part where you were talking about sprayer? I’m not familiar with what that means, do you think you could explain? Other than that I absolutely loved it.


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